Feeding Bulldog Puppies

Clyde, the english bulldog puppy

Image via Wikipedia

What you feed your bulldog is ultimately what your bulldog will be – that is, your puppy’s health and well-being is a direct result of the food choices that you make right now. So feed your bulldog the right things to make sure that they don’t develop sicknesses, diseases, or other medical problems.

If you adopt a new puppy, make sure that you don’t disturb his or her regular feeding schedule and try to feed the same brands as your puppy ate before. After some time you can slowly go through the transition of making your puppy adapt more to your type of food based on the information you got from your breeder, vet, puppy expert, and so on. Point in short, don’t do a quick transition in diet as it may upset your puppy.

The whole transition of diet should take anywhere from 8 to 11 days. That is, from feeding completely the old food to completely feeding the new one. How do we do that? Simple. Make a mixture of the old type of food and the new one. Let’s say for 3 days we feed our puppy 3/4 of the old type of food and 1/4 of the new type of food. Day 4-7 we feed 1/2 old type of food and 1/2 new type of food. Keep it steady, and by the end of 1 and a half weeks your puppy should now be fully adapted to the new type of food.

If at any point your puppy vomits or shows severe dislike towards the food (for example, tends not to finish it) then reduce the mixture percentage of the new type of food and add more of the old. When your puppy eats up 100% of the new type of food and seems happy with it that’s when you know the transition fully occurred and you can now keep feeding your puppy the new brand of food!

Aside from feeding your puppy yummy foods you might want to consider training him as well! There are great bull dog training sites out there that offer training tips and guides.

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